Monday, April 16, 2012

Lown Down Blog with Kari Ilonummi

Michigan unleashes armed raids by law enforcement on small pig farms, forcing one farmer to shoot all of his own pigs, due to new laws declaring certain livestock to be 'invasive species'--Invasive Species Order--

Activist aim to crush internet censorship bill: CISPA

Petition for U.S. Congress to probe Obama's citizenship/ eligibility is nearing 40,000 mark.

Jacques Cheminade focuses French Presidential election on fighting the global financial oligarchy.

Mitt Romney says to Obama: ''Start Packing''

Dick Cheney says Obama "has been an unmitigated disaster to the country."

Google accused of invading privacy with pictures of house numbers.

Obama in Columbia; "Part of my job is to scout out where I want to bring Michelle back later for vacation." 4-15-12 CBS

Facebook has defended it's support of the contraversial cyber security bill CISPA

Citizens in Nepal protesting against Monsanto GMO Corn seeds to be used as the future primary seed to sown by farmers due to worry of the potentially detrimental effects upon the land, economy and overall health of the citizens ingesting the final product.

Antidepressants could cause harm to heart, damage the brain, immune system, along with increase the risk of still birth, diabetes, and fractures to predominately the spinal column. According to recent medical studies

Miami Wachovia Bank will pay $160 Million to settle a federal investigation into laundering of illegal drug profits through Mexican exchange houses--prosecutors said.
3-17-2012 Huffington Post

Over 7,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Galway City Ireland to protest against the massive austerity cuts being forced upon their citizens.

Panic again hitting Spanish Banks---with borrowing doubling from Feb to March 2012--just to keep doors open.

Web Freedom faces greatest threat ever warns Google co-founder Sergey Brinin in an interview with The London Guardian April 15, 2012.

San Fransisco citizens upset over Hustler's Mobil Strip Truck. CBS San Fransisco

Kenya sees spike in Obama Administration funded projects. (US Trade and Monitor)

George Washington named Britain's greatest ever foe.
The Telegraph 4-14-12

The illegally acting and insane Obama Administration says Syrian President: "Assad will go down."

Many unexplained deaths of direct opponents and those who simply have gotten in the way of the Barack Obama over the past recent years such as: Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, Ohio State Rep Stephanie Tubbs along with three gay men who attended Obama's church stating to have formerly had gay sexual relations with Barack Obama. The three gay men were all shot in the head execution style one by one within 3 weeks of each other. Must be a string of coincidences and bad luck perhaps??? source: LPAC News

Alexei Pushkov, the chairman of the Russian State Duma's International Affairs Committee, warns that the U.S. joint missle defense plans with 6 Arab states " may signal the possibility of a military strike on Iran" and that therefor "the likelihood of a full fledged war is very high."

Bill Crosby blames the gun in the case of Trayvon Martin, as he was quotes by Washington Times saying "when you carry a gun, you mean to harm someone, kill somebody.' ' we have to get the gun out of the hands who are supposed to be on the neighborhood watch."

Banks: Wachovia, Bank of America and Wells Fargo financing Mexican gangs and drug related activities---Bloomberg article

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Low Down Blog with Kari Ilonummi

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying that President Assad 'must go.'

Muslim Brotherhood aiming at taking the Presidency of Egypt.

Peace Prize winner; Obama threatening regime change for North Korea too.

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki denounces Syria intervention-- "we reject any arming, and the process to overthrow the regime, because this will leave a greater crises in the region.''

Goldman Sachs has major shares in a company called "Village Voice Media" which oversees some of the biggest alternative newspapers in America. On the firms client list is:
a website known to involved in the sex trade. Jerry Schmetterer--a spokesman for the Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes told Reuters "in every case of sex trafficking that the Brooklyn District Attorney has, the girl was involves with at some point or another."

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations have created a multimillion slush fund to finance and bankroll the Free Syrian Army/ insurrectionist who are and not willing to come to the table for talks and a peaceful resolution. Turkey's Foreign Minister SNC is a "legitimate representative of all Syrians."
"The Syrian National Council will take charge of the payment of fixed salaries of all officers, soldiers and others who are apart of the Free Syrian Army'--Council Head Burhan Ghalioun stated.

A major donor and 'bundler' in the bid for Obama's re-election Abake Assonba has been accused of defrauding a businessman and impersonating a bank official.

U.K. Queen accused of drug trafficking.

Senator Charles Schumer exploiting the Trayvon Martin case to attack Second Amendment and specificly states laws entitled " Stand Your Grounds Rights". The Senator believes that this promotes vigilante justice and that people who feel threatened should not try to defend themselves, but remove themselves from harms way, rather.

U.S. military tries to delete staff Sgt. Bales criminal record. {The soldier who murdered 16 innocent Afghan citizens.)

NSA denies eavesdropping on Americans.

Marine Sergeant Gary Stein facing disciplinary actions for his critique of Obama's on his Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook blog post page

Feds consider closing courtrooms to cut cost.

House votes to repeal part of Obama healthcare law.

It will be June before the Supreme Court announces ObamaCare Vote.

Google plans to spy on background noise in your phone calls--Mail Online March 23, 2012

Lord Monkton "I'm no birther," but Obama's birth certificate "plainly a forgery".

It's now official: Probable cause has been found and declared by Sheriff Joe Arpaio through the long investigation by the 'cold case posse'---that the Long Form Birth Certificate of Barack H. Obama is 'not authentic".