Monday, December 1, 2014

Low Down Blog for Dec. 2014

Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress
White House taunts GOP on climate change: ‘I don’t believe they can stop us.’
Net Neutrality and Reclassification Make American Broadband Consumers the Real Losers
 Retired General Calls For US Army On Streets To Restore Civil Order.
Former FBI Official Ron Hosko: Obama’s Ferguson Statements ‘Have Only Served to Divide’
Schumer Says Obamacare Hurt Dems: ‘85% of All Americans Were Fine With Their Health Care’
Brown Family Calls For Riots; Church Burnt, Step Father tells the people to ‘burn this bitch down!’
US Defense Sec. Hagel resigns over apparent disagreements with White House
‘Middle class would go to jail for what big corporations are allowed to do’
independent journalist Charlie McGrath told RT
Sen. Coburn: “you could see instances of anarchy. … You could see violence”; Armed Patriots Headed to White House to Arrest Obama
Tennessee moves to sue Obama over amnesty: NASHVILLE, November 21, 2014– On Friday, in response to President Obama’s plan to take executive action on illegal immigration reform, two Tennessee legislators are filing a Joint Resolution requesting Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration on behalf of the state.
“Article II of the United States Constitution is explicitly clear on the powers vested within the Executive Branch. President Obama lacks the authority to execute even the slightest change in policy. The Constitution delegates President Obama the power to make suggestions concerning policy and nothing more,” said State Representative Andy Holt (R- Dresden) Thursday night after President Obama delivered a prime-time speech announcing his plan of action. “Anything beyond making suggestions is an illegal usurpation of undelegated power, and we simply cannot allow it to go unchecked.”
Boehner: 'Something Will Be Done'( - "President Obama has turned a deaf ear to the people that he was elected, and we were elected, to serve. But we will not do that," House Speaker John Boehner told a news conference on Friday.
"In the days ahead, the people's House will rise to the challenge. We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk. We will listen to the American people, we will work with our members, and we will work to protect the Constitution of the United States."
Boehner did not say exactly what the House will do, but "something will be done."
Sanders is aligned with Senate Democrats, but he has spoken lately of a problem with the Democratic coalition that elected President Obama. He says working-class white voters have abandoned Democrats in large numbers. The party, he says, has "not made it clear that they are prepared to stand with the working-class people of this country, take on the big money interests."
CIA wants to delete thousands of emails as Obama administration stalls release of torture report
Stewart Rhodes of OathKeepers: Obama Must Be Impeached And Removed To Stop His "Amnesty" Of Illegals
Obama extends deportation reprieve to 5 million undocumented immigrants
Passing Keystone pipeline ‘an act of war,’ Sioux tribe president tells RT
Assange's extradition order upheld by Swedish Court of Appeal
Ben Stein: Obama ‘most racist president’ in American history
Putin: ‘US wants to subdue Russia, but no one did or ever will’
Rapper, Charged Under Newly-Enforced CA Law, Faces Life in Prison for Gang-Related Song Lyrics.
Buffalo Police To Enforce Seizing Firearms Of Deceased Owners
NYC Woman on Ebola Watchlist Dies Bleeding From Mouth, Authorities Say “Heart Attack”
Republicans threaten to impeach Obama if he issues executive action on immigration----BELIEVE IT WHEN YOU SEE IT!
Controversial economist Gruber has earned millions from taxpayers at federal, state levels-Nancy Pelosi and Obama tried to deny he was even played an important role in Obama Care legislation.
Ex-Obama Aide Demolishes NY Times Claim That Gruber’s Role Was “Limited”
Russians Disable U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer: In April of this year, the USS Donald Cook was disabled while on patrol in the Black Sea by an unarmed Russian bomber.
Russians Disable U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer
US child homelessness at all-time high: In the United States, one child in every 30 - or 2.5 million children - was homeless in 2013, marking an all-time high, according to a new comprehensive report that blames the country’s high poverty rate and lack of affordable housing, among other causes.
Obama: ‘We Are Going to Contribute $3 Billion to the Green Climate Fund'
Unemployed Americans increasingly abandoning job search
POLL: 39% of Young Americans Don't Want to Work
Most college grads are forced to back into parents grandparents homes after finishing school.
UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty to Go Into Effect Dec. 24, 2014
Kissinger warns of West’s ‘fatal mistake’ that may lead to new Cold War. Regarding Ukraine/US/Russia
Obama to double U.S. troops in Iraq
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Low Down Blog for November 2014

U.S. Army says that ISIS planing to kill families of soldiers.

V.P. Joe Biden blames Middle East for rise of ISIS.

Biggest bank in U.S. hacked: JPMorgan admits data breach for 76 million households.

Two years out still: polls show that Hillary Clinton is the 2016 favorite for upcoming President.

'Internal affair.' Beijing warns foreign nations not to meddle with Hong Kong.

Pentagon official: The President is lying to America about us and ISIS.-American Action News.

Report: President Obama has missed over half his second term daily intel briefings. 

California breaks drought record as 58% hits driest level recorded.

President Vladimir Putin lashed out at the United States and the west for destabilizing the world order of check and balances for it's own gains. He also accused the west of inflaming the situation in Ukraine and stated that Russia was not interested in building an empire.

A Washington D.C. jury has convicted one former Blackwater guard of murder and three more from the private company of voluntary manslaughter, in connection to the infamous 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 14 civilians dead and 17 others injured.

Bloomberg-Gates background checks for firearms, starts with registration, then confiscation.

Obama repeats: 'You can't get Ebola on a bus,' day after bus quarantined in D.C.

Lavrov: 'U.S must stop acting like global prosecutor, judge and executioner.'
              'U.S.-Russian relations close to bottom and to remain low for a long time.'

Obama's credit card denied at New York restaurant.

The United States has withheld assurance from Germany that the Ebola virus-amongst other related diseases- would not be weaponized, in the event of Germany exporting it to the U.S. Army Medical Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases. Germany MFA Deputy Head of Division for Export Control: Markus Klinger provided a paper to the U.S. consulate's Economic Office (Ecconoff), "seeking additional assurances related to a proposed export of extremely dangerous pathogens.'' Germany subsequently made two follow-up request and clarifications to the U.S. Army, according to the unclassified Wikileaks cable. "This matter concerns the complete genome of viruses such as the Zaire Ebola virus, the Lake Victoria Marburg virus, the Machupo virus, and the Lassa virus," the request notes.

Germany's intel agency says MH17 downed by Ukraine militia, not Russia as previous accusations stated immediately upon plane crashing down.

The magic the President once enjoyed at political rallies appears to have vanished into thin air, as a crowd of spectators walked on President Obama during a speech for Democrats 2 weeks ago in Maryland, "early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity" reported Reuters.

Obama's EIA says that there is enough coal in the United States to meet the demand for next '222 years.'

President Obama's mental state was questioned by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a recent CNBC interview. He states that President Obama was suffering from a "mental aberration.'

V.P. Joe Biden's son discharged from Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine.

CDC Director: Leave the boarders wide open, we can track the virus this way and study it and even claimed that Ebola was "not a significant threat."

Ozzy Osbourne: "I really love being sober."

Hercules Actor: "being a Christian in Hollywood, you get attacked."

U.S. 6th Fleet flagship docks in Georgia after entering Black Sea.

Secretive X-37B military space plane landed.

Voice print harvesting--the next frontier in data privacy war.

U.S. Marines run drill to prepare for mass Ebola pandemic spreading across nation.

U.N. pushes global "New Deal."

A team of researchers at U.C. Davis have developed a mechanism for creating oxygen that does not require photosynthesis. Using a vacuum, ultraviolet laser, solar light to irradiate carbon dioxide in a lab, the team was able to break the two apart in one step, leaving free carbon and oxygen.

Pepsi and Coke sales declining in Mexico as new junk food tax starts to take a bite on the economy and spending habits of consumers.

CDC: '4500 people per month enter the USA from Ebola stricken nations.'

No ISIS terrorist coming from Mexico say D.H.S. Department of Homeland Security. I say different!

Department of Homeland Security to scan computer networks without prior authorization.

FBI defends secretive spy program in courts.

New York Times: Some may carry Ebola and yet display absolutely no signs.

Stephen King fears "the world is starting to look like Orwell's 1984.'

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Low Down Blog for October 2014

President Obama at fundraiser announces his pleasure within Congress finally supporting him to invade Syria and states that 'American leadership is at it's best.'

Bill gates donates $1 million to Gun Control movement.

London: Imam Anjem Choudary declares 'sharia will be implemented in America, it's coming' and 'Sharia is coming to a place near you.' Fox News interview with Hannity.

New U.S. cars to be mandated soon to send your data of speed, RPM's, personal conversation in ride etc. to automaker. Don't worry it's all about keeping you safe during your ride. The Gov. needs to know and be able to control your every move, because they care so much. ;)

Judicial Watch: Imminent terrorist attack by Feds on U.S. boarder.

California Federal Judge rules new 10-day waiting period for gun owners is Unconstitutional.

Official number by WHO suicide numbers are at 800,000 per year and rising.

Small business ownership is at an all time low in America.

Texas Sheriff warns of ISIS terror cells in his County. And is ready to 'send them straight to Hell.'

Cannabis/marijuana use at an all time low in Colorado by teens after legalization. Apparently it lost it's rebel appeal now that it's just another legal herb.

Bank of America agrees to pay record $17 billion settlement over mortgage fraud.

D.C. Council votes to allow concealed carry for handgun owners with a permit.

Judicial Watch: Federal attorney says that a back up of Louis Lerner emails do exist.

Mysterious unidentified cell towers found across Washington D.C.

Medical Martial Law declared in parts of Africa due to Ebola pandemic.

CDC confirms yesterday afternoon the first case of diagnosed Ebola found in United States. Likely already spread to other people in Texas and the CDC is already sending briefings to funeral homes across nation on how to deal with Ebola victims bodies.

Former Rep. Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill finally passes House.

Democrats joining GOP in blasting Benghazi bundling.

Tensions and worries rise as troop a major surge by Russia and NATO/Ukraine on the boarder. Powder cake just waiting to ignite World War 3!

WikiLeaks: Government spies on journalist with weaponized malware.

Up to 40 U.S. citizens who fought alongside of ISIS back in the USA.

Around 100 French farmers burned the tax and agricultural building to the ground in protest of extreme taxes.

Sending American troops to combat Ebola in Liberia is 'an absolute misuse of the U.S. military'-- Lt. General William G. Boykin ret.

The FBI NGI system is now fully operational to match facial and personal information through the street cameras and some light post across America to help keep on eye on us. Smile, because your butt is probably on camera!

Why hasn't Obama kept his promise to declassify the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report? Is Saudi Arabia to blame for 9/11?

Robert Kennedy Jr. involved in anti-vaccine activism. 

Scottish referendum voting rigging claims by citizens spark up demands for a recount.

Pentagon F-22's being used for first time in Syria. Will we soon bomb/overthrow democratically elected leader of Syria President Assad too, then just hand Syria over to ISIS/Al-Qaeda just like Libya?

August alone: 418 documented police cases of illegal citizens raping children in North Carolina alone. Time to show these freaks a gun, in their face when they rape our kids. Put them down like a rabid dog. I bet that will send a ripple of fear across the boarders, if they know Americans have guts.

Tennessee: High school cheerleaders defy prayer ban before game and say prayer. Good job girls, that does take guts and moral!

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Kari Ilonummi's recent Sept 15, 2014 letter to Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state regarding ISIS terrorism:

Email Rick Larsen - Thank You

The following information has been submitted:
Name: Mr. Kari O Ilonummi
Address: PO BOX 572,
City/State/Zip: Arlington, WA 98223 1653

Message Subject: What will troops say when they discover Rep. Rick Larsen funded Syrian Rebels/ISIS Terrorist?

Message Text:
Mr. Larsen, On July 29, 2014 just before going on recess, you signed onto House Res. 105 to effectively put President Obama in check by making it clear according to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, it is Congress that decides when to go to war not the President. 1 Week later the President defied the Congress once again, and send troops in. And according to CNN there are actual U.S. boots on the ground, contrary to the President's lies. Now at this point you know Rick, you either begin to support the impeachment of President Obama to protect your own skin or face your political career going down the tubes shortly along side of him as you cater to his demands in which have clearly violated the oath of office and rule of law. Now President Obama himself has personally just asked Congress for an additional '$500,000,000 to fund moderate Syrian rebels,' the Congress is funding terrorist called ISIS,ISIL,al-Qaeda, Mujahadeen etc. which violates the international and sovereign nation states law. With all due respect Congressman Rick Larsen, you have literally funded and bankrolled terrorist organizations in which have murdered U.S. citizens, troops, former Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya and which also threaten to bring radical islam and violence to the streets of the United States according to their very own accord. So when these terrorist do strike U.S. citizens within the USA using money, arms and logistics in which you provided for them Mr. Larsen, you will personally be responsible for acts of terrorism, treason and complicit in the murder of U.S. civilians and troops. Remember what I said a few years ago about a new 'Nazi style Nuremberg trial coming for members of Congress who supported bailouts, wars and treason?' Well apparently those days are coming closer. The people are waking up fast to the games and lies now. Better be honest now or risk losing it all Rick. Know when to say when.

Kari Ilonummi

Friday, September 5, 2014

Low Down Blog September 2014

Benghazi Select committee begins investigation.

G.M.O. labeling to hit this years ballot in Colorado.

Syria's Assad wants Israeli leaders to be tried for War Crimes.

U.S. Army preparing to use lethal force on unarmed U.S. civilians which directly violates the Constitution according to posse comitatus.

CDC shortcuts handling deadly bird flu virus, investigation finds.

Obama losing finally losing his cool? According to law makers who recently criticized the President Obama regarding the Syrian Rebel situation, Obama yelled 'horseshit' in regards to their comments.

Energy companies fracking/ using hydraulic fracturing at far shallower depths than widely believed, sometimes through underground sources of drinking water, according to research released by Stanford University scientist.

IRS more likely statistically to audit poor than the rich according New York Times article.

President Obama violates H. Con. Resolution 105, invades Iraq and bombs al-Qaeda/Rebel/ISIS terrorist without Congressional approval, then seeks Congress to fund terrorist in Syria (Syrian Rebels) by giving the people invading and taking over Syria  $500,000,000 for training and equipment. Does the USA now support Al-Qaeda and terrorism or does it just depend what day of the week, where the local and how we feel at the time?

New promising stem cell research and experiment providing a sense of hope for stroke victims.

Rep. Franks: 'Obama ignored us, now ISIS beheading it's way across Iraq.'

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Low Down Blog August 2014

Steven Seagal said that 'President Obama would be impeached if the truth came out on Benghazi.'

Bill Gates company creates contraceptive microchip to be implanted under skin.

Donald Trump warns of upcoming 'financial ruin.'

Al-Qaeda/Syrian Rebel/ISIS/ISIL/CIA connection exposed. USA now openly funding terrorism and overthrowing sovereign nation states such as Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Russia next?

Spanish Flu recipe published online. THEY are just asking for a worlds reduction of the human population from 7.3 billion down to 1 billion. Oh wait the Queen of England has called for that. Club of Rome.

TSA allowing illegals to fly without verifiable ID says Border Patrol Union-Hector Garza to Breitbart News.

Congressmen Steve Stockman R-Texas warns that President Obama's open border strategy could be a 'Cloward-Piven maneuver to flood the country until we get to the point where we an open borders country that welcomes everybody, legal and illegal.' 

Hundreds killed in invasion of Gaza by Israel.

Speaker of the House John Boehner trying to keep impeachment off the table, just like Rep. Nancy Pelosi did for Bush Jr and Cheney several years ago. His lawsuit against President Obama outlines key elements in which could turn into impeachment though. 

Hillary Clinton's new book is being beat in sales by it's rival book in which is meant to make her look bad.

Senator Rand Paul argues that U.S. has made ISIS stronger by being 'allied with them in Syria' in an interview on the Sean Hannity Show. 

Oxitech's GMO mosquito's being released in Brazil causing Dengue Fever.

Ron Paul warns collapse coming soon.

Iraq loses control of chemical weapons to ISIS/Al-Qaeda terrorist. U.S. plays both sides of that war with the British Empire pulling the strings of the USA and allowing us (the USA) to become discredited to and hated by the world in a divide and conquer type of stradegy and as race and class wars are being instigated here at home by government funded brut provocateurs.  

EPA claims it has power to garnish wages.

Russian MP claiming USA kidnapped his son from the Maldives on bogus cyber fraud charges.

6 vials of small pox discovered in laboratory near Washington. 

Think tank connect to Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger Center for Strategic and International Studies calling for retooling U.S. military in preparation of 'great power conflict' with a 'newly aggressive Russia and rapidly modernizing China' according to Homeland Security News Wire.

Purposed gun law in California would make it legal for law enforcement to be able to confiscate firearms based upon accusation along.

Texas Rep says U.S. military bases 'turning into refugee camps.'

Federal student loan rates to rise.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Low Down Blog for July 2014 turns 3 years old on July 11, 2014.

Former Under Secretary of Treasury Paul Craig Roberts warns Washington plans first strike on Russia/China and could result in World War 3.

Glass-Steagall moves forward in Italy government.

Pope Francis: "We are discarding an entire generation to maintain an economic system that can't hold up anymore"......

VA scandal being used to privatize VA Health Care Services.

Hillary Clinton comes to Seattle University District for book signing.

Obama Administration pursues ex State Department official Dr.

Steve Pieczenik

for refusing to negotiate with terrorist.

Price Charles says that 'Putin is behaving just like Hitler.' Regarding the Ukraine situation. Didn't the Royal Families bank help finance Adolph Hitler? Remember Prescott Bush as well along with Brown Brothers Harriman bank?

Government plan would transform Israel into first cashless society.

Suspended animation trials to begin soon on human beings.

VP Joe Biden urges Air Force cadets to shape 'a New World Order.'

California weighing in on potential new Orwellian state style antics regarding gun control over recent tragic shooting near campus.

Great Lakes finally thaw after record ice longevity in June?

Obama 'our future rest on Dream kids.'

President Obama cites Australian gun confiscation program as a good example for U.S.

Obama on Bergdahl deal 'no apologies.' 

Begdahl alegedly renounced citizenship, went AWOL and joined Taliban on his own??? Treason?

NRA calls open carry protest 'weird.'

Half of the nation makes less than $27,520 a year annually for income.

6 out of 10 people who weighed in on a study conducted by CNN's Money Poll shows that they feel that the American dream is out of reach.

Women in Washington state take lead in new concealed weapons permit request.

President Obama says that he does not support gay marriage in this shocking video from 2004:

Kari Ilonummi attends Yngwie Malsmteen concert and receives a guitar pick played on stage by Yngwie.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Low Down Blog for June 12, 2014.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia accuses CIA of covering up Flight MH-370 disappearance.

The meat crises is here with shrimp up 61%, 7 million pigs dead and beef at a all time high.

GMO producers should be punished as terrorist Russian MP's say.

FBI launches full investigation into Bundy Ranch supporters. Ben Swann

Senator Chuck Grassley still pushing for answers Homeland Security's alleged terrorist 'hands off' list.

China planning high speed mag-lev train link to Bering Straight in Alaska. Will USA do our part and join them on our side??? How about a vacuum train going 1000 miles per hour? I say yes.

Strict N.J. rule on gun permits stands as U.S. Supreme Court refuses to take up the case.

Rand Paul joined by Senator Chuck Grassley working to release memo on justifying drone strikes on U.S. citizens.

According to an Associated Press (AP) article a unit run by President Obama's political staff inside the Environmental Protection Agency illegally operates as a 'rouge law enforcement agency' that has blocked independent investigations by the EPA inspector general for years.A top investigator told Congress.

California State Senator proposes idea to test out a program to begin to start to charge motorist an extra tax for every mile they drive in their automobile.

Are we any longer a nation ruled by laws?

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges along with Naomi Wolf, Pentagon papers whistle blower Daniele Ellsberg along with Tangerine Bolen and other sueing Gov. over NDAA allowance of indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

The trial judge asked the government attorney in the case 5 times whether journalist like Mr. Hedges could be indefinitely detained simply for interviewing and writing about bad guys.

Flying 3D printer could be used to seal off nuclear waste site where leaks have been detected without endangering human lives.

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