Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Low Down Blog with Kari Ilonummi

"When Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact..." Ilonummi

Obama Super PAC raises merely $59,000 in January while Mitt Romney raised nearly $7 million.

More Bailouts and austerity Cuts in greece being forced against it's people demands, with actual bankers comming in and replacing the prime minister and others. Is U.S. next in line??

Afghanistan --large protest/demonstrations, an effigy representing President Obama being held on a pike, was held high in a perade.

Russia warns Israel of implications of attacking Iran, as it would inevitably spark off a much larger scale regional and then escalate into a a thermo-nuclear World War III.

Suspicious letter to U.S. lawmakers; Coalts, Patty Murray Boehner etc. shown to be harmless.

IRS with petition from the U.S. Attorney's office going after well known anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, demanding her immediate release of financial record from a certain period of 2011.

FEDS/CDC trying to say that raw organic unpasteurized milk is 150x more dangerous than pasteurized.[This is not necessarily true. as long as proper sterilization is in place, the milk is actually much more healthier than regular cheap milk, which is allowed to contain feces, blood and puss. That is why it has to be heated up!!

State Reps in multiple states including Washington are uniting to defend the U.S. Constitution against the treasonous signing of the 2011 N.D.A.A. by Obama.

Gold Hits $1776 an Ounce

Google caught violating browser privacy settings in order to track users.

U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan is in "lock down status" as angry mobs who are tired of the U.S. invasion are making their point louder and clear!

Adam Kokesh organizes Veterans rally at White House, to protest against recent war attrocities and draconian laws.

Google expected to release "Heads-Up Display" glasses for Android based 3g and 4g smart phones by end of year.

E.U. suspends ACTA ratification, refers treaty to court.

Group: 'Anonymous' takes down government websites in massive anti-ACTA attack recently.

Emerging Movement encourages Sheriff's to act as a shield against federal tyrany. Being led by Sheriff Richard Mack which is now a candidate for Congress. No Spin News Source fully endorses and supports Richard Mack for Congress!

Ron Paul supporting "Austrian Economics" vs "The American System of Political Economy"--which is the Credit/Alexander Hamilton/ National Banking apparatus and our first Constitution is based on. Ron Paul means well but he does not support the Credit System and any state investment in job creation and a Moon colonization/ Mars mission. So while his heart probably does intend to do good for America, and I believe that he does have good intentions, unfortunately he will only continue to do damage to our U.S. Economy. He wants to end all the wars, bring the troops home right away, and I do like that part. Mind our own business!

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stated: "Foreign interference, attempts to assess the legitimacy of the leadership of a state from the outside run counter to the norm of international law are fraught with the threat of regional and global destabilization."

Secretary of state; Hillary Clinton--"If the Assad regime refuses to allow this life saving aid to reach civilians, then it will have even more blood on it's too, will those nations that continue to protect and arm The Regime. We call on those states to that are supplying weapons to haul immediately"

Microsoft 8 operating system will have built in "Kill-Switch".

CIA and NATO front group drafts "Humanitarian Aid" for Syria.

ol Great Britain will officially recognize the Syrian National Council as a "legitimate representative of the Syrian people"--Foreign Secretary William Hague said at "Friends of Syria" meeting in Tunisia.

Corrections Corporation of America, the largest operator of for profit prisons in the U.S. is appealing to 48 states across the nation with offer to buy out their state detention facilities. Huffington Post

Gov. Expert since 1950's Clinton Bastin- Chemical Engineer/Nuclear Scientist for the U.S Department of Energy has wrote a letter to President Obama and the United Nations declaring that there is absolutely no weapons threat from Iran.

Joint Chief of Staff General Dempsey is under tremendous attack from U.S. government for his war avoidance stance on causing a thermo-nuclear World war III.

Russian Prime Minister soon to be president, has been threatened with assassination. Including by senator John Mc Cain-Youtube it.

$5 gallon gas hits L.A.

Scientist and researches at Massachusetts General Hospital use stem cells to generate human eggs.

Youtube this: 'Smart phone spyware keystrokes conspiracy'

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Low Down Blog, with Kari Ilonummi

Al-Qaeda's leader al-Zawahiri is acknowledging his support and direct involvement with the insurection/rebel forces to overthrow President Assad of Syria, and warns that there will be more assistance on the way to topple President Assad.

Supreme Court justice Breyer robbed in early February at his vacation home in the Caribbean Islands by man with machete.

Arab League Finds many insurrectionist in Syria regarding rebel forces, and that these 'rebel' forces are the ones to blame for the chaos and murder happening on the ground in Syria. President Assad has asked for peaceful talks at the table with the rebel opposition, but they decline to work with with him. So its these 'Rebel' forces who are to blame, not Assad.

C.D.C. in Atlanta warns of Gonorrhea is on it's way to being an antibiotic resistant, as there have been forms of antibiotic resistant forms of bacteria found in 37 states.

Feds shut down Amish farm: Rainbow Acres Farm near Lancaster for selling 'raw milk.' Feb 13, 2012

Obama: "The Assad regime must come to an end." Another Libya/ Gadaffi opperation in mix for the near future???????

Iran nuclear scientist being assassinated. Isreal teamed with terror group to plan those deadly attacks-- U.S. officials say.

U.N. Agenda 21 nothing new, but new to you. This international law, followed by Presdent's Bush and Black Bush his successor Barack Obama calls for the destruction of roads and infrastructure in America, and much more--genocide! Look it up! The Empire wants to de-undustrialize, demoralize and depopulate the world to around ! Billion people. They even say it; example Prince Philip the Queens husband.

The Tea Party Group of Richmond denied tax exempt status by IRS.

Underwear bomber sentenced to 4 x life sentences in prison. So his life with no chance of parole. Testimony in the trial by one eye witness and attorney aboard that plane stated that the "underwear bomber" was assisted by a well dressed man, who practically escorted the terrorist past and easily through all the security check points to easily assist this mans safe passage aboard that flight to Detroit on Christmas Day. The result???? Months later TSA begins to install the cancer causing backscatter invasive x-ray technologies (proven by doctors) and intrusive pat downs and strip searches of ordinary citizens in order to fly. Coincidence or otherwise??

Now that the youth (which was a decisive element and factor of support for Barack Obama's Presidency back in 2008) are struggling to find jobs like never before, the youth vote is jumping ship to look for real "change" they can believe in. Because merely "believing" is not going to solve the crises or pay the ever stacking pile of bills on the kitchen counter! And the youth want and deserve a future,hope and career in which will pay the bills. How else can we start families and perpetuate the specie, and "be fruitful and multiply''? we need real government to step to the plate! Where are you FDR or Abraham Lincoln when we need you?

Home forclosures beginning to rise once again.

High Fructose Corn Syrup changes patent name to help hide behind the puplic awareness and outcry against this poison. The new name: 'Corn Sugar' its the same thing, new name.

Alaska state law maker and TSA grope victim rep. Sharon Cissna introduces legislation put an end to invasive pat downs and naked body scanners.

U.S. Government acknowledges that we do not face any terror threat from Iran or Hezbollah. So why bomb and invade then??

Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul is hanging in there and growing strong as he stays in the top 3 tier of candidates for this election. The problem lies within the fact that unfortunetly Mr. paul does not understancd the " American System of Political Economy" as prescribed by Alexander Hamilton and explicitly the 1st Constitution of the united States of America. Ron Paul is a good man, i like and trust him personally, but while he would be good for many things, as he clearly is not a Wall Street kiss ass/phony, he truly does mean well, and is my favorite man in the Congress, but with his drive and call for austerity measures as such, and he explicitly calls for "Austrian Economics"----well even with a well meaning libertarian small government Ron Paul Presidency, the citizens of the U.S. would still be in grave and present danger economicly speaking. Austrian Economics and American Economics are two completely different things!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Low Down Blog, with Kari Ilonummi

The 'Birther issue' is President Barack Obama was recently ordered to go to court in the state of Georgia, to show proof of his citizenship in order to be on eligible to be a candidate in 2012 elections within the state of Georgia. Obama FTA Failed to appear at the hearing. What will transpire next?? Thermonuclear WWIII?

Obama signs executive order to freeze all Iranian assets within banks in the U.S.

H.R. 658 FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, authorizes for 30,000 predator spy drones to be used within the United States, for it's citizens. That is around 600 drones per state. To spy on your every move,whisper, or whatever!

U.S. Embassy in Syria closes. Many Syrian Embassies throughout the planet have been attacked recently.

After more than two decades of drilling in Anarctica, Russian scientist reach a prehistoric frozen in time ancient lake called Laked Nostok located 3.8 kilometers below the ice, and is not frozen. It is warmed by geothermal activity. This is the equivalence of visiting a an alien planet!

Gun sales and ammo way up! People worried about the economic financial meltdown, and the chaos which would inevitably come .

British special forces in and on the ground in the Syria working with the Rebel Opposition fighters, to overthrow President Assad.

L.A, spends $489,000 of your BAILOUT money to repair a city yacht. Now under investigation.

Farmers in Europe being spied on by drones who claim to much subsidies or who could be potentially building without a permit.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated..."not one of the reasons for the current financial shocks has been addressed yet. The 2008 cises in is moving into a new phase and is exposing new deep rooted problems."

U.S. Cattle production and beef at level of early 1960's -DR. Daryl Peel, expert

Washington state proposes legislation to seek mandatory labels on all G.M.O. foods.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Low Down Blog

"How could Obama sign that bill" ----I hear on nearly a daily basis:
President Obama signs the highly controversial National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 NDAA on Dec. 31 2011 from his 'home-state' Hawaii, allowing for the detention of U.S. born citizens to be imprisoned and held without habeus corpus and due process rights, no attorney,potentially no court hearing-ever-- torture and all, for merely being a 'suspect' of terrorist activity. The Salem Witch Trials are back! The White Deputy Press Secretary Josh Ernest immediately stated in an official interview on behalf of the President that "if the Congress wants to be apart of the dialogue, more the better, but that is no longer a requirement. The President is no longer bound to Washington." The combination of this, Obama using Presidential signing statements, and aquiring his permission to go to war with Libya from the United Nations and Queen of England, which was unconstitutional, equates to one reality: we are now officially living in a self declared dictatorship.

Expect our rights to be trampled on now like never before, rich shall even have their bank accounts seized or have their funds simply "evaporate" which the recent case of over 1.2 Billion dollars from MF GLOBAL--which Mr. Corzine has direct ties to the Obama Administration .

U.S. citizens even legal now to be put to death: No joke--the new law. 2 have dies at least: Al Awaiki and his 16 year old son. Who shall be next? Judge jury and executioner all in one. scary stuff--but reality!

RT News: Human Rights groups a 'Trojan Horse of the West' now proudly serving 45 states, 34 nations on 6 continents throughout the globe, with China and Russia being our no. 2 and 3 spot for most viewers. With a new studio and 1080p Full High Definition video 'Monthly Reports' now available.

58 U.S. Congressman have endorsed Marci Kaptur's H.B. 1489 return to FDR's Glass-Steagall Act.

U.N. proposes world tax to help poor--that is a cover

Poland Prime Minister says that 'Warsaw will put on ice' to ratify new international internet censorship act similiar to SOPA--- called ACTA

Ron Paul crushes Rick Santorum in Nevada.

Lawsuit by ACLU filed against government over assassination of U.S. citizens.
First adult is diagnosed with tourette's like syndrome affecting teenagers at same high school on east coast potentially liked to 'brain infection' doctor says.

Obama says : "the economy is growing stronger. The recovery is speeding up. And we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going.''
what economic recovery????? Because i do not see it.

FEDS seize over 300 more websites on piracy charges.

Record 1.2 million U.S. workers fall out of labor force in merely one month.

U.S. warns Iran not to defend itself by striking back even if attacked first. This is not right!

Russia blocking UNSC Resolution on Syria in effort to stave off the British Empires fully intended drive for what is now the brink of a thermonuclear World War 3 between Russia China and United States.

HSBC Bank under investigation for the laundering of Billions of dollars$$$--Jerome Corsi WND

Global Warming Fraud: Anarctica nhas been cooling and extending in sea ice at or near record levels in past few years.

Google and Twitter under tremendous pressure by many nations to censor their content.

USA Political Watchdog-- "main political parties are just a two headed monster taking turns ripping off America."

Zbnigniew Brezinski fears the 'Global Awakening'