Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Low Down Blog, with Kari Ilonummi

Al-Qaeda's leader al-Zawahiri is acknowledging his support and direct involvement with the insurection/rebel forces to overthrow President Assad of Syria, and warns that there will be more assistance on the way to topple President Assad.

Supreme Court justice Breyer robbed in early February at his vacation home in the Caribbean Islands by man with machete.

Arab League Finds many insurrectionist in Syria regarding rebel forces, and that these 'rebel' forces are the ones to blame for the chaos and murder happening on the ground in Syria. President Assad has asked for peaceful talks at the table with the rebel opposition, but they decline to work with with him. So its these 'Rebel' forces who are to blame, not Assad.

C.D.C. in Atlanta warns of Gonorrhea is on it's way to being an antibiotic resistant, as there have been forms of antibiotic resistant forms of bacteria found in 37 states.

Feds shut down Amish farm: Rainbow Acres Farm near Lancaster for selling 'raw milk.' Feb 13, 2012

Obama: "The Assad regime must come to an end." Another Libya/ Gadaffi opperation in mix for the near future???????

Iran nuclear scientist being assassinated. Isreal teamed with terror group to plan those deadly attacks-- U.S. officials say.

U.N. Agenda 21 nothing new, but new to you. This international law, followed by Presdent's Bush and Black Bush his successor Barack Obama calls for the destruction of roads and infrastructure in America, and much more--genocide! Look it up! The Empire wants to de-undustrialize, demoralize and depopulate the world to around ! Billion people. They even say it; example Prince Philip the Queens husband.

The Tea Party Group of Richmond denied tax exempt status by IRS.

Underwear bomber sentenced to 4 x life sentences in prison. So his life with no chance of parole. Testimony in the trial by one eye witness and attorney aboard that plane stated that the "underwear bomber" was assisted by a well dressed man, who practically escorted the terrorist past and easily through all the security check points to easily assist this mans safe passage aboard that flight to Detroit on Christmas Day. The result???? Months later TSA begins to install the cancer causing backscatter invasive x-ray technologies (proven by doctors) and intrusive pat downs and strip searches of ordinary citizens in order to fly. Coincidence or otherwise??

Now that the youth (which was a decisive element and factor of support for Barack Obama's Presidency back in 2008) are struggling to find jobs like never before, the youth vote is jumping ship to look for real "change" they can believe in. Because merely "believing" is not going to solve the crises or pay the ever stacking pile of bills on the kitchen counter! And the youth want and deserve a future,hope and career in which will pay the bills. How else can we start families and perpetuate the specie, and "be fruitful and multiply''? we need real government to step to the plate! Where are you FDR or Abraham Lincoln when we need you?

Home forclosures beginning to rise once again.

High Fructose Corn Syrup changes patent name to help hide behind the puplic awareness and outcry against this poison. The new name: 'Corn Sugar' its the same thing, new name.

Alaska state law maker and TSA grope victim rep. Sharon Cissna introduces legislation put an end to invasive pat downs and naked body scanners.

U.S. Government acknowledges that we do not face any terror threat from Iran or Hezbollah. So why bomb and invade then??

Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul is hanging in there and growing strong as he stays in the top 3 tier of candidates for this election. The problem lies within the fact that unfortunetly Mr. paul does not understancd the " American System of Political Economy" as prescribed by Alexander Hamilton and explicitly the 1st Constitution of the united States of America. Ron Paul is a good man, i like and trust him personally, but while he would be good for many things, as he clearly is not a Wall Street kiss ass/phony, he truly does mean well, and is my favorite man in the Congress, but with his drive and call for austerity measures as such, and he explicitly calls for "Austrian Economics"----well even with a well meaning libertarian small government Ron Paul Presidency, the citizens of the U.S. would still be in grave and present danger economicly speaking. Austrian Economics and American Economics are two completely different things!!

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  1. Does FDA approved the new name? I thought FDA didn't allow fructose name to be changed. They should use "GMO Corn Sugar". It's the most appropriate name for their product.