Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Low Down Blog with Kari Ilonummi

"When Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact..." Ilonummi

Obama Super PAC raises merely $59,000 in January while Mitt Romney raised nearly $7 million.

More Bailouts and austerity Cuts in greece being forced against it's people demands, with actual bankers comming in and replacing the prime minister and others. Is U.S. next in line??

Afghanistan --large protest/demonstrations, an effigy representing President Obama being held on a pike, was held high in a perade.

Russia warns Israel of implications of attacking Iran, as it would inevitably spark off a much larger scale regional and then escalate into a a thermo-nuclear World War III.

Suspicious letter to U.S. lawmakers; Coalts, Patty Murray Boehner etc. shown to be harmless.

IRS with petition from the U.S. Attorney's office going after well known anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, demanding her immediate release of financial record from a certain period of 2011.

FEDS/CDC trying to say that raw organic unpasteurized milk is 150x more dangerous than pasteurized.[This is not necessarily true. as long as proper sterilization is in place, the milk is actually much more healthier than regular cheap milk, which is allowed to contain feces, blood and puss. That is why it has to be heated up!!

State Reps in multiple states including Washington are uniting to defend the U.S. Constitution against the treasonous signing of the 2011 N.D.A.A. by Obama.

Gold Hits $1776 an Ounce

Google caught violating browser privacy settings in order to track users.

U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan is in "lock down status" as angry mobs who are tired of the U.S. invasion are making their point louder and clear!

Adam Kokesh organizes Veterans rally at White House, to protest against recent war attrocities and draconian laws.

Google expected to release "Heads-Up Display" glasses for Android based 3g and 4g smart phones by end of year.

E.U. suspends ACTA ratification, refers treaty to court.

Group: 'Anonymous' takes down government websites in massive anti-ACTA attack recently.

Emerging Movement encourages Sheriff's to act as a shield against federal tyrany. Being led by Sheriff Richard Mack which is now a candidate for Congress. No Spin News Source fully endorses and supports Richard Mack for Congress!

Ron Paul supporting "Austrian Economics" vs "The American System of Political Economy"--which is the Credit/Alexander Hamilton/ National Banking apparatus and our first Constitution is based on. Ron Paul means well but he does not support the Credit System and any state investment in job creation and a Moon colonization/ Mars mission. So while his heart probably does intend to do good for America, and I believe that he does have good intentions, unfortunately he will only continue to do damage to our U.S. Economy. He wants to end all the wars, bring the troops home right away, and I do like that part. Mind our own business!

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stated: "Foreign interference, attempts to assess the legitimacy of the leadership of a state from the outside run counter to the norm of international law are fraught with the threat of regional and global destabilization."

Secretary of state; Hillary Clinton--"If the Assad regime refuses to allow this life saving aid to reach civilians, then it will have even more blood on it's too, will those nations that continue to protect and arm The Regime. We call on those states to that are supplying weapons to haul immediately"

Microsoft 8 operating system will have built in "Kill-Switch".

CIA and NATO front group drafts "Humanitarian Aid" for Syria.

ol Great Britain will officially recognize the Syrian National Council as a "legitimate representative of the Syrian people"--Foreign Secretary William Hague said at "Friends of Syria" meeting in Tunisia.

Corrections Corporation of America, the largest operator of for profit prisons in the U.S. is appealing to 48 states across the nation with offer to buy out their state detention facilities. Huffington Post

Gov. Expert since 1950's Clinton Bastin- Chemical Engineer/Nuclear Scientist for the U.S Department of Energy has wrote a letter to President Obama and the United Nations declaring that there is absolutely no weapons threat from Iran.

Joint Chief of Staff General Dempsey is under tremendous attack from U.S. government for his war avoidance stance on causing a thermo-nuclear World war III.

Russian Prime Minister soon to be president, has been threatened with assassination. Including by senator John Mc Cain-Youtube it.

$5 gallon gas hits L.A.

Scientist and researches at Massachusetts General Hospital use stem cells to generate human eggs.

Youtube this: 'Smart phone spyware keystrokes conspiracy'

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