Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Low Down Blog with Kari Ilonummi near Seattle Wa

Kari Ilonummi officially announces that he will be running for U.S. Congress in 2013 as an Independent Candidate in Washington State.

Whistle blowers at N.S.A, DHS, and countless other federal agencies claiming that U.S. is spying on every single American.

Rise in weather extremes threatens U.S. infrastructure.

Extreme heat wave causing major damage to alfalfa, corn, soy and numerous other fruit and vegetable crops.

Michael Moore supporting gun control
--very unconstitutional Mr. Moore!--Second Amendment

Mayor Bloomberg from New York calling for police to go on strike and refuse to provide police protection and duties to U.S. citizens until We the People--give up our arms.

Congressman Ron Paul's Audit The Federal Reserve Act bill passes House by overwhelming majority. What will the Senate do next? If Senator Harry Reid doesn't hold up the process and it passes will Obama then veto it? I say yes he will, or else he will pull a scheme to see that the details never really come out.

Department of Homeland Security has ordered a large amount of riot gear for potential civil unrest and rioting during the upcoming GOP and Democratic Conventions, along with the Presidential inauguration in January 2013.

Rebel forces who have invaded the once sovereign nation of Syria have been committing brutal acts of mass murder, torture and what could be considered as acts of Crimes Against Humanity.

Saifal-Islam Gaddafi seeks to have trial at the Hague in the Netherlands, but is being denied the ability by the  rebel insurrectionist who have taken over the nation.

Democrats draft drone privacy bill.

Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels. (Reuters)

In CNBC interview with 'Too Big Too Fails's' former chairman of City-Group Sandy Weill (who formerly help to dismantle Glass-Steagall) is now calling for the immediate separation of banks and to reinstate the  Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 explicitly.    How times are changing lol!

Supreme Court Justice Scalia saying that "limitations" possible for new gun control measures. is now updated in a new format which is easier for you to use thanks to Tony from I hope you like it and will celebrate with us in now 1 full year of serving you through No Spin News Source.