Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Low Down Blog with Kari Ilonummi for September 11, 2012

U.S. Congressional Candidate of Washington State's 2nd District Kari Ilonummi testifies on the record at Portland Oregon City Hall Fluoride event before the city council and Mayor Sam Adams while being on his vacation September 6, 2012 as he was the last to speak at 8:30pm that evening.

Government finally admits that 9-11 disaster is responsible for at least 50 different forms of cancers.

Twitter ordered by U.S. Federal judge Mathew A. Sciarino from Manhattan to provide federal prosecutors with all information on file pertaining to Malcolm Harris-- a Brooklyn based writer who was previously arrested with hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Moody's about to downgrade AAA T-Bill rating.

European Central Bank discussing a (QE Unlimited) Quantitative Easing Unlimited.

Obama on track to have worst job record in history of any U.S. President since World War 2. Washington Times

Sweden aims at being first to become cashless society.

Ted Turner calls for a worlds reduction of the human population to "2 billion."

Sheryl Crow blames cell phone for her brain cancer.

IRS claims that its agents will not be enforcers of The Affordable Health Care Act aka ObamaCare.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta claiming at hearings before U.S. Congress that former Vice President Dick Cheney order NORAD to stand down and not to intercept the hijacked planes during September 11, 2001.

Al-Qaeda now a U.S. ally in Syria.

Joint Chiefs of Staff take lead to fight against having World War 3 against Russia and China. 

FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition systems across America.

EPA changes the rules to allow more toxins to be placed in mainstream food.

U.S. Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program.

Apple bans Drone awareness iPhone App created by Josh Begley.

Humanitarian aid to Syria must be neutral according to Russian's U.N. Ambassador.

Labor Departments Bureau of Labor statistics BLS (not to be confused with rock band: Black Label Society)   clearly illustrates the driving down of the U.S. economy.

France vows to support opposition forces in Syria and to immediately form a government.

$26,000 average student loan debt after college students leave school as 29% of graduates ages 24-34 still living in parents or grand parents homes.

1/6 of all U.S. citizens in default, officially or by the fact that they can no longer maintain payments on personal debts.

Over 1,000 documented cases of West Nile Virus being cited by CDC  CBS Dallas reports.

Texas judge preparing for 'Civil War' if President Obama is to become reelected. CNN

More than half of Americans depend on government subsidies.

Hell's Angels sue Hillary Clinton and Janet Napalitano.

Special ops Commander says that book on Seal's account of Bin Laden compound 'a lie'.

Stanford University researching to develop a "Stress Vaccine"

Attorney for federal U.S. Marine Brandon Raub says that psychiatrists threatened to 'brainwash' him.

George Sorros taking his money out of stock market and big banks and investing in gold and Lord Rothschild is now betting over 350,000,000 Euros against the Euro dollar as he is shorting it. 
Is this a sign of a collapse coming soon?