Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Low Down Blog for October 2014

President Obama at fundraiser announces his pleasure within Congress finally supporting him to invade Syria and states that 'American leadership is at it's best.'

Bill gates donates $1 million to Gun Control movement.

London: Imam Anjem Choudary declares 'sharia will be implemented in America, it's coming' and 'Sharia is coming to a place near you.' Fox News interview with Hannity.

New U.S. cars to be mandated soon to send your data of speed, RPM's, personal conversation in ride etc. to automaker. Don't worry it's all about keeping you safe during your ride. The Gov. needs to know and be able to control your every move, because they care so much. ;)

Judicial Watch: Imminent terrorist attack by Feds on U.S. boarder.

California Federal Judge rules new 10-day waiting period for gun owners is Unconstitutional.

Official number by WHO suicide numbers are at 800,000 per year and rising.

Small business ownership is at an all time low in America.

Texas Sheriff warns of ISIS terror cells in his County. And is ready to 'send them straight to Hell.'

Cannabis/marijuana use at an all time low in Colorado by teens after legalization. Apparently it lost it's rebel appeal now that it's just another legal herb.

Bank of America agrees to pay record $17 billion settlement over mortgage fraud.

D.C. Council votes to allow concealed carry for handgun owners with a permit.

Judicial Watch: Federal attorney says that a back up of Louis Lerner emails do exist.

Mysterious unidentified cell towers found across Washington D.C.

Medical Martial Law declared in parts of Africa due to Ebola pandemic.

CDC confirms yesterday afternoon the first case of diagnosed Ebola found in United States. Likely already spread to other people in Texas and the CDC is already sending briefings to funeral homes across nation on how to deal with Ebola victims bodies.

Former Rep. Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill finally passes House.

Democrats joining GOP in blasting Benghazi bundling.

Tensions and worries rise as troop a major surge by Russia and NATO/Ukraine on the boarder. Powder cake just waiting to ignite World War 3!

WikiLeaks: Government spies on journalist with weaponized malware.

Up to 40 U.S. citizens who fought alongside of ISIS back in the USA.

Around 100 French farmers burned the tax and agricultural building to the ground in protest of extreme taxes.

Sending American troops to combat Ebola in Liberia is 'an absolute misuse of the U.S. military'-- Lt. General William G. Boykin ret.

The FBI NGI system is now fully operational to match facial and personal information through the street cameras and some light post across America to help keep on eye on us. Smile, because your butt is probably on camera!

Why hasn't Obama kept his promise to declassify the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report? Is Saudi Arabia to blame for 9/11?

Robert Kennedy Jr. involved in anti-vaccine activism. 

Scottish referendum voting rigging claims by citizens spark up demands for a recount.

Pentagon F-22's being used for first time in Syria. Will we soon bomb/overthrow democratically elected leader of Syria President Assad too, then just hand Syria over to ISIS/Al-Qaeda just like Libya?

August alone: 418 documented police cases of illegal citizens raping children in North Carolina alone. Time to show these freaks a gun, in their face when they rape our kids. Put them down like a rabid dog. I bet that will send a ripple of fear across the boarders, if they know Americans have guts.

Tennessee: High school cheerleaders defy prayer ban before game and say prayer. Good job girls, that does take guts and moral!

You can find so much more located at and be sure to check out the Monthly Report video as well. 

Kari Ilonummi's recent Sept 15, 2014 letter to Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state regarding ISIS terrorism:

Email Rick Larsen - Thank You

The following information has been submitted:
Name: Mr. Kari O Ilonummi
Address: PO BOX 572,
City/State/Zip: Arlington, WA 98223 1653

Message Subject: What will troops say when they discover Rep. Rick Larsen funded Syrian Rebels/ISIS Terrorist?

Message Text:
Mr. Larsen, On July 29, 2014 just before going on recess, you signed onto House Res. 105 to effectively put President Obama in check by making it clear according to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, it is Congress that decides when to go to war not the President. 1 Week later the President defied the Congress once again, and send troops in. And according to CNN there are actual U.S. boots on the ground, contrary to the President's lies. Now at this point you know Rick, you either begin to support the impeachment of President Obama to protect your own skin or face your political career going down the tubes shortly along side of him as you cater to his demands in which have clearly violated the oath of office and rule of law. Now President Obama himself has personally just asked Congress for an additional '$500,000,000 to fund moderate Syrian rebels,' the Congress is funding terrorist called ISIS,ISIL,al-Qaeda, Mujahadeen etc. which violates the international and sovereign nation states law. With all due respect Congressman Rick Larsen, you have literally funded and bankrolled terrorist organizations in which have murdered U.S. citizens, troops, former Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya and which also threaten to bring radical islam and violence to the streets of the United States according to their very own accord. So when these terrorist do strike U.S. citizens within the USA using money, arms and logistics in which you provided for them Mr. Larsen, you will personally be responsible for acts of terrorism, treason and complicit in the murder of U.S. civilians and troops. Remember what I said a few years ago about a new 'Nazi style Nuremberg trial coming for members of Congress who supported bailouts, wars and treason?' Well apparently those days are coming closer. The people are waking up fast to the games and lies now. Better be honest now or risk losing it all Rick. Know when to say when.

Kari Ilonummi