Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Low Down Blog

"How could Obama sign that bill" ----I hear on nearly a daily basis:
President Obama signs the highly controversial National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 NDAA on Dec. 31 2011 from his 'home-state' Hawaii, allowing for the detention of U.S. born citizens to be imprisoned and held without habeus corpus and due process rights, no attorney,potentially no court hearing-ever-- torture and all, for merely being a 'suspect' of terrorist activity. The Salem Witch Trials are back! The White Deputy Press Secretary Josh Ernest immediately stated in an official interview on behalf of the President that "if the Congress wants to be apart of the dialogue, more the better, but that is no longer a requirement. The President is no longer bound to Washington." The combination of this, Obama using Presidential signing statements, and aquiring his permission to go to war with Libya from the United Nations and Queen of England, which was unconstitutional, equates to one reality: we are now officially living in a self declared dictatorship.

Expect our rights to be trampled on now like never before, rich shall even have their bank accounts seized or have their funds simply "evaporate" which the recent case of over 1.2 Billion dollars from MF GLOBAL--which Mr. Corzine has direct ties to the Obama Administration .

U.S. citizens even legal now to be put to death: No joke--the new law. 2 have dies at least: Al Awaiki and his 16 year old son. Who shall be next? Judge jury and executioner all in one. scary stuff--but reality!

RT News: Human Rights groups a 'Trojan Horse of the West' now proudly serving 45 states, 34 nations on 6 continents throughout the globe, with China and Russia being our no. 2 and 3 spot for most viewers. With a new studio and 1080p Full High Definition video 'Monthly Reports' now available.

58 U.S. Congressman have endorsed Marci Kaptur's H.B. 1489 return to FDR's Glass-Steagall Act.

U.N. proposes world tax to help poor--that is a cover

Poland Prime Minister says that 'Warsaw will put on ice' to ratify new international internet censorship act similiar to SOPA--- called ACTA

Ron Paul crushes Rick Santorum in Nevada.

Lawsuit by ACLU filed against government over assassination of U.S. citizens.
First adult is diagnosed with tourette's like syndrome affecting teenagers at same high school on east coast potentially liked to 'brain infection' doctor says.

Obama says : "the economy is growing stronger. The recovery is speeding up. And we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going.''
what economic recovery????? Because i do not see it.

FEDS seize over 300 more websites on piracy charges.

Record 1.2 million U.S. workers fall out of labor force in merely one month.

U.S. warns Iran not to defend itself by striking back even if attacked first. This is not right!

Russia blocking UNSC Resolution on Syria in effort to stave off the British Empires fully intended drive for what is now the brink of a thermonuclear World War 3 between Russia China and United States.

HSBC Bank under investigation for the laundering of Billions of dollars$$$--Jerome Corsi WND

Global Warming Fraud: Anarctica nhas been cooling and extending in sea ice at or near record levels in past few years.

Google and Twitter under tremendous pressure by many nations to censor their content.

USA Political Watchdog-- "main political parties are just a two headed monster taking turns ripping off America."

Zbnigniew Brezinski fears the 'Global Awakening'


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