Friday, September 5, 2014

Low Down Blog September 2014

Benghazi Select committee begins investigation.

G.M.O. labeling to hit this years ballot in Colorado.

Syria's Assad wants Israeli leaders to be tried for War Crimes.

U.S. Army preparing to use lethal force on unarmed U.S. civilians which directly violates the Constitution according to posse comitatus.

CDC shortcuts handling deadly bird flu virus, investigation finds.

Obama losing finally losing his cool? According to law makers who recently criticized the President Obama regarding the Syrian Rebel situation, Obama yelled 'horseshit' in regards to their comments.

Energy companies fracking/ using hydraulic fracturing at far shallower depths than widely believed, sometimes through underground sources of drinking water, according to research released by Stanford University scientist.

IRS more likely statistically to audit poor than the rich according New York Times article.

President Obama violates H. Con. Resolution 105, invades Iraq and bombs al-Qaeda/Rebel/ISIS terrorist without Congressional approval, then seeks Congress to fund terrorist in Syria (Syrian Rebels) by giving the people invading and taking over Syria  $500,000,000 for training and equipment. Does the USA now support Al-Qaeda and terrorism or does it just depend what day of the week, where the local and how we feel at the time?

New promising stem cell research and experiment providing a sense of hope for stroke victims.

Rep. Franks: 'Obama ignored us, now ISIS beheading it's way across Iraq.'

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