Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Low Down Blog for July 2014 turns 3 years old on July 11, 2014.

Former Under Secretary of Treasury Paul Craig Roberts warns Washington plans first strike on Russia/China and could result in World War 3.

Glass-Steagall moves forward in Italy government.

Pope Francis: "We are discarding an entire generation to maintain an economic system that can't hold up anymore"......

VA scandal being used to privatize VA Health Care Services.

Hillary Clinton comes to Seattle University District for book signing.

Obama Administration pursues ex State Department official Dr.

Steve Pieczenik

for refusing to negotiate with terrorist.

Price Charles says that 'Putin is behaving just like Hitler.' Regarding the Ukraine situation. Didn't the Royal Families bank help finance Adolph Hitler? Remember Prescott Bush as well along with Brown Brothers Harriman bank?

Government plan would transform Israel into first cashless society.

Suspended animation trials to begin soon on human beings.

VP Joe Biden urges Air Force cadets to shape 'a New World Order.'

California weighing in on potential new Orwellian state style antics regarding gun control over recent tragic shooting near campus.

Great Lakes finally thaw after record ice longevity in June?

Obama 'our future rest on Dream kids.'

President Obama cites Australian gun confiscation program as a good example for U.S.

Obama on Bergdahl deal 'no apologies.' 

Begdahl alegedly renounced citizenship, went AWOL and joined Taliban on his own??? Treason?

NRA calls open carry protest 'weird.'

Half of the nation makes less than $27,520 a year annually for income.

6 out of 10 people who weighed in on a study conducted by CNN's Money Poll shows that they feel that the American dream is out of reach.

Women in Washington state take lead in new concealed weapons permit request.

President Obama says that he does not support gay marriage in this shocking video from 2004:

Kari Ilonummi attends Yngwie Malsmteen concert and receives a guitar pick played on stage by Yngwie.

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