Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday LowDown for Oct. 7, 2011

"OCCUPY WALL STREET", has became 'Occupy Everything" including:
Seattle, New York, Boston, L.A. and soon a town near you! The Revolution is here!

Opperation " Fast and Furious" Bush Jr. and continued gun running under Obama directly to drug cartel of Mexico--- is about to take down and discredit this administration! Lame Duck Anyone?
according to Fox news: tax payer money was used to run this Operation Fast and Furious

The only Euro bank who passed the 'stress test' : Dexia, just went bankrupt

U.S. Job Cuts rise 212% from year

Wall Street cash shifts to Romney from Obama

56 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed on to support: H.R. 1489--- re-instating FDR's Glass-Steagall, along with the AFL CIO!

Lloyds Bank, sueing Saudi Royal Family for directly funding the September 11, 2001 attacks.
And it goes even deeper, the money came originally from England! specifics to be announced: on Oct. Monthly Report to be recorded soon.

"See Something Say Something"--snitch legislation to turn us on each other.

Obama to use class warfare to get us to hate the rich people. sorry folks we don't blame the people who are rich, who honestly and decently earned their wealth, we have to blame the politicians who destroyed our economy and nearly our nation. So don't HATE the guy just for having money. that doesn't necessarily make someone evil.

SANE VAX Inc. reports Human Papillomavirus (HPV) / DNA contamination in Gardasil shot.

Michelle Bachman-- stated that she knew of someone who became retarded after being vaccinated with Gardasil shot

Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg stated that his users were "dumb f****'s" for trusting him with our personal information. once i published this post to my NoSpinNewsSource facebook page, well everything got erased and i can not publish anymore articles on that page. coincidence??

U.S. Census data shows poverty on the rise, record poverty @ 42,000,000 as of 1 year ago? where is at today? it will be another year before the official numbers are released.

According to TIME--more slaves today then at any point in history!

Revolution Railroad: atomic train being developed in Russia

Russia and China acting in the American spirit to rebuild the planet with infrastructure, science, and real physical job production, --floating nuclear power plants and even doing their part to help build what has been on the books for 122 years---Bering strait Tunnel, to connect Russia to Alaska to open up new trade routes and transport goods faster than ever through high speed Mag-Lev trains. Abraham Lincoln would approve!

Argentina first South American country to create and open its own nuclear power plant! Good job ladies and gents!

Obama orders first U.S. citizen to be assassinated without any due process of the courts---Al-Awiaki

the city administrator of Arlington Washington Allen Johnson, announced that he was waiting for "blue sky" regarding an economic recovery under Obama--- sorry Al don't hold your breath! now being viewed in 15 countries and on 5 continents! Not bad for a one man crew and my first 90 days of being online! Thank you and welcome our new friends from: UK, Egypt, Israel, south Africa, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, China, India, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Tunisia!

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